Our Most Valuable Asset

What is a courier company’s most valuable asset?

No doubt over the past 10 years or so new technologies have been a focal point:

  • Online POD’s
  • Photo POD’s
  • Scanning
  • GPS / Geofencing
  • Labels
  • Notifications
  • Dynamic ETA’s
  • APIs
  • Webportal functionality

The list goes on…

Felix Transport is a technology business so sure all these features are really important. Essentially as we are selling a service our customers & prospects want to experience what we have to offer and technology offers an opportunity to feel what the service they would receive. However from my experience when I go back to our customer to ask how they feel about our service they generally say the drivers are really good.

  • ‘Dennis is really good’
  • ‘I like Brett he is great guy’’
  • ‘Tony is very good operator’

Often the conversation starts with the shiny bells and whistles but in the end the Human connections which provide us the experiences we are all looking for. Technology is really a supporting actor for the most valued asset – our people.

georgeOur Most Valuable Asset
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