Safety & Compliance

We believe in safety leadership and adopting a proactive approach to Health & Safety management to protect the interests of all our stakeholders. The safety of our drivers, other road users, our customers and their goods is paramount. Being considerate of our systems and procedures is a core value at Felix Transport and is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that all injuries are preventable. This underpins our belief that everyone has the right to go home safely, and together we make it happen.


At Felix Transport we’ve developed comprehensive safety and compliance processes to comply with the most stringent Chain of Responsibility requirements. Safety and compliance protocols have been integrated with our Transport Management Systems and  Mobility solution to proactively measure and assess HSEQ compliance in a systematic fashion. Through our Health & Safety policies and procedures we apply a strategic approach to safety, as well as one set of guidelines and performance measures.

This provides us with a better understanding of the safety needs of our community and customers, which allows us to positively influence attitudes and patterns of behavior toward safety and compliance within our workforce.

Felix Transport drives continuous improvement in health and safety through the monitoring of safety objectives and targets. We consult and engage with all of stakeholders and continuously monitor, audit and review our health and safety management system to ensure ongoing improvement.

At Felix Transport we are all responsible for acting safely and this is a condition of employment for all at Felix Transport. Each person is a responsible for acting safely, without risk to themselves or others. Management is responsible and accountable for workplace health and safety.