Company Culture

Our company values of ethical behaviour, consideration, accuracy, reliability, agility conducted with a positive, affable demeanour underpins our policies, practices, and relationships with all who connect with Felix Transport. One of the extended benefits of pride in our brand is discretionary effort. Highly successful brands have the capacity to engage their workforce to deliver beyond the extra mile.

Our objective has been to develop a brand culture that consistently inspires everyone to do more than what is expected. As a result, our staff and contractors work in a thoughtful and pragmatic manner to achieve our goals.

Customer Experiences

The days when transport companies assessed their performance and customer satisfaction by the punctuality of pick- up and delivery times only are well and truly behind us. Industry leaders need to consider the entire value chain of customer experiences.

Successful organizations strive to set standards of excellence at every touch point along the breath of the value chain. From human and mechanical interactions, to system audits, the customer experience should always align with the mission statement.

By creating memorable and authentic experiences for customers, the consumer/supplier relationship ascends to a deeper level of meaning and association.

Transport Technology

I believe robotic process automation is the next frontier for transport technologies. At a fundamental level, the acquisition of orders, successful dispatch, receipt and payment of delivery in accordance with the job requirements is a process-oriented activity. The challenge is to develop an intelligent, sophisticated transport management system to deal with all the ambiguities operational staff are required to negotiate and effectively manage on a daily basis.

Felix Transport is committed to being the industry leader in utilizing advanced transport management software that embraces the latest thinking.

Wayne Musster GAICD
Chief Executive Officer