Experience Meets Innovation

Felix Transport has designed an online delivery booking and tracking system that’s not only easy to use, but let’s you know the location and status of your delivery at every stage.

Customer Booking Portal

We have designed the most functional web booking facility available in the industry today.

  • Intuitive online booking process for speed and ease of use
  • Real time dashboard showing current job status
  • Full track and trace from booking to delivery
  • Proximity alerts via SMS and/ or email for on route deliveries
  • Comprehensive reporting to access and assess job data including photo POD’s
  • Printing of labels
  • Access to financial reporting

Proprietary Auto Allocation

The integration of automated despatch algorithms to help allocate jobs to drivers provides a range of benefits to our customers and our employees.

  • Consistent allocation of jobs resulting in quicker pick-ups and deliveries
  • No allocation bias ensuring equitable job distribution amongst our fleet
  • Operators are less rushed and have more time to respond to customers if required to intervene
  • More consistent and reliable service

Permanent Distribution Route Planning

If you require permanent distribution services as part of your business, we provide an integrated route scheduling tool that helps take the pressure out of planning your next day’s distribution. To meet the needs of your customers, our route planning facility can anticipate a diverse range of logistic permutations and deliver optimal run sequences that can save time and money.

We harness the latest innovation in transport and logistics technology to take your user experience and satisfaction to a new level.

API Integrations

We offer API integrated solutions that will allow automatic bookings into our system. These can be customised to your business or based on your preferred TMS.

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