Corporate Couriers

Safe. Reliable. Professional. Everything you want your courier company to be.

Our metropolitan fleet are on call weekdays from 7am-5pm to courier your goods door-to-door efficiently and effectively. Our advanced GPS tracking system means you’ll always know exactly where your driver and cargo are, so forget the anxious waiting for that important delivery.

We provide an extensive range of transport services and vehicles to cater for any delivery need you have, large or small.

Best suited for

Small Parcels, Envelope, Small Boxes

L 500mm x W 500mm x H 500mm (combined items)

35kg total weight


Bundles, Cartons, LG boxes, Crates, Parcels, Skids

L 1200mm x W 1200mm x H 1100mm (combined item)

125kg total weight

1/2 Tonne

1 Pallet, Skid, Stillage, Boxes, Bundles, Rolls

L 1500mm x W 1500mm x H 1500mm   (1000mm high – Van)

500kg total weight

1 Tonne

2 Pallets, Skids, Stillage, Boxes, Bundles, Rolls, Crates

L 2400mm x W 1500mm x H 2000mm  (1000mm high for Van)

1000kg total weight

1 Tonne Roof Racks

Double Roof rack:
L 4500 mm x W 1500 mm x H 350mm

150kg limit

Triple Roof rack:
L 6000mm x W 1500mm x H 350mm

250kg total weight on vehicle including racks

Depending on the urgency of your delivery, choose the level of service you need.

Standard Courier Services (available to 1.30pm)
Standard service pick up and delivery 210 minutes.

Express Courier Services (available to 2.30pm)
Standard pick up and delivery 150 minutes.

VIP Courier Services
VIP pick up and delivery 90 minutes.

Service Level Agreement timeframes applicable up to 35KM radius.

Metropolitan Boundaries:

  • Gawler / Willaston
  • Mt Barker / Totness
  • Christies Beach