Corporate Responsibility

Embracing good corporate governance ensures Felix Transport operates in a clear, consistent and transparent manner. Our corporate governance framework has been developed to build a foundation of accountability and trust between our stakeholders and ourselves, with our Management Team and Board reporting on and mitigating risks to pursue sustainable business performance.

Our People

Our most valuable asset is our people; our staff and contractors are the heart of our organisation. We regularly review recruitment and retention practices, training and development opportunities for our staff across the organisation. Additionally, we offer talent and succession planning for staff who wish to take on greater responsibility in higher level positions.

Our Community

As a good corporate citizen, we recognize our responsibility to create greater employment opportunities within the community. We’re committed to promoting gender diversity and equal opportunity for all who embody the spirit of Felix Transport.

Responsible Business Practices

The Management Team and Board are committed to operating in a responsible and future-focused manner to ensure the ongoing success and strength of the organisation. Key areas for attention include:

  • Providing above industry-standard service levels across the entire organisation to maximise customer and contractor retention.
  • Delivering outstanding service quality to boost and strengthen our reputation.
  • Ensuring the soundness of the Management Team to maintain our commitment to our goals and objectives.

We seek to continually evaluate and improve our corporate governance and social responsibilities to ensure we are always operating at the level our stakeholders and customers expect from us.